About Us

Grants Pass Scene was born from a idea I had in 2009 when there was a local Cafe called “The Dancing Otter” in downtown Grants Pass. The Dancing Otter was an interesting blend of Cafe, art gallery and live music venue. Both the art that was displayed and the musicians that performed there were from local artists and The Dancing Otter supported their efforts, in my opinion at least, extremely well.

I always enjoyed going to The Dancing Otter whenever I could and through that Cafe I had the opportunity to meet some people that I may not have met otherwise. The Dancing Otter also made me realize there is quite a vast artist culture in Grants Pass that deserved recognition. How could I help? Thus the concept for several local websites were born, one of which is this website, Grants Pass Scene.

Grants Pass Scene is dedicated to helping people living in Grants Pass and the surrounding areas, and also visitors to our area, to find out where they can go to see our local artists perform.

Our goals are twofold:

Help our local artists by publishing where and when they will be performing.
Help the local venues, who hire our local artists, by publishing their event schedules.

We are successfully accomplishing these goals as inexpensively as possible, and for free whenever we can.

The Grants Pass Scene website you see today is our third iteration towards our goals. We always strive to improve the website along the way to accommodate new features as we learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

We hope you will find Grants Pass Scene to be a useful resource for locating and attending performances by our local artists here in Grants Pass and the greater Josephine and Jackson counties so you can support them and the venues, restaurants, Inn’s and vineyards that employ them to entertain you.


John Tomelevage
Grants Pass Scene