Romancing the West launches it’s 2020 National Tour with it’s annual show at Historic Jacksonville Inn with Martin Gerschwitz of Iron butterfly.

The time traveling documentary concert Romancing the West comes to Historic Jacksonville Inn, Sunday, March 29th at 6:00 pm, the first stop of a 10 -state annual tour. In April of 2013, singer/songwriter Christina Lynn Martin and Cowboy Poet and Balladeer Butch Martin co-produced Romancing the West and set out to tell the human story of over 250 years of the people of the American west. The show now in it’s seventh year features the music of every era from the old West, to jazz, big band, and Butch and Christina will be once again joined by Martin Gerschwitz of Iron Butterfly who has been with the show since the first tour and will bring to life the music of the 1960’s and 70’s. Martin’s original semi-classical music will be featured in the tribute to National Parks.

The show takes the audience on an epic journey through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the people of the West and celebrates their diverse cultures, lives and legacy. The story is told in historic photographs, rare film, video, live poetry and original music written by Christina, songs about the West including “City of Roses” (Portland), “Columbia” (Columbia River), “Oh Oregon” written for the 150th birthday of Oregon and “Sunset Over Jacksonville”. Butch recites master poems like “The Ballad of William Sycamore” and Lasca. Within the show is a moving tribute to veterans, a majestic musical tribute to National Parks, and to hometown America.

This March kick off marks the Seventh consecutive year of touring with the show in National Trail Centers, concert series, and theaters often joined by Gerschwitz. In addition, Butch and Christina bring the highlights version of the show “Time Travels through the American West” into rural communities and schools.

The Martin’s Mission continues to be “to foster love and respect for our fellow man and the love of this land by telling the sometimes painful story of Western Expansionism and celebrating the diverse cultures whose stories continue to inform and inspire our Nation and our world.” The couple make their home in a log cabin in Applegate Valley at Cougar Mountain Ranch surrounded by kids and grand kids, where they also record their weekly radio show Whittler’s Corner and it’s history radio show within a show “Time Travels through the American West”, airing throughout Oregon and Wyoming.